A fifty-year reunion is being planned for students from the old Twickenham 'Twickers' Art College, who studied various courses during 1964 - 68.

Mike Gorringe, who had a 40-year long career in exhibitions, told us that he is keen to hear from old friends, although many of the original gang remain in touch through Facebook.

The reunion will hopefully be in a private room at The Albany, in Queen’s Road, ”One of our old haunts,” according to Mr Gorringe, who is one of the chief organisers.

He said: “We are all in our seventies. Some of our students have passed on, some sadly have illnesses, I doubt we’ll do it again in 60 years.”

Mr Gorringe said he himself is in good nick as he has three grandchildren “who keep me young”.

He added: “I’m not sitting on my backside watching TV, I’m keeping myself busy.”

The graduates of the four-year course have had varied and interesting lives, Mr Gorringe himself has travelled all over the world for his work and some of his friends are living in California, Mexico, and Italy.

A few have stayed in the Twickenham area but haven’t been seen for a while.

Mr Gorringe said: “Some are private people who may not want to get in touch with their old friends.”

There is one particular man Mr Gorringe hopes will come along, who was last seen about four or five years ago by mutual friends.

If you were at 'Twickers' Art College in the period 1964 – 68 and would like to come along, email mikegorringe@hotmail.com or call 01225 706688.