A new working group will be set up to look at the possibility of redeveloping Mortlake station to improve safety at a “high risk” crossing.

The decision was made at a meeting hosted by Richmond Park MP, Zac Goldsmith, to discuss improving safety at Sheen Lane crossing. 

Last year, a Network Rail report found the crossing is now a “high risk” to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle users.

More than 3,800 vehicles and nearly 2,400 pedestrians pass through the crossing daily and Network Rail said a high proportion of its users are “vulnerable”.

The crossing had an increase in users after Thomson House School opened in 2013, and concerns were raised in the report about the potential impact of the upcoming Mortlake Brewery Development just 200 metres from the rail line.

The meeting, one in a series, was attended by Transport for London, Network Rail, Richmond Council, the developer of the Mortlake Brewery, Thomson House and Mortlake Brewery Community Group as well as Councillor Peter Buckwell, cabinet member for transport at Richmond Council, Cllr Paul Avon and Assembly Member Tony Arbour.

It was agreed a group would be set up with Network Rail, the council, the developer and Mortlake Brewery Community group to look at the possibility of redeveloping the station and surrounding site to make room for a ramped bridge and wider paths.

Improved signage and countdown timers were also suggested.

Mr Goldsmith said: “It is always useful to involve as many stakeholders as possible, particularly when dealing with something as complex as this crossing.

“There are obvious safety concerns at the site, and they will only deepened with increased train numbers and huge pressure to build more homes.

“We need to do all we can to make sure the crossing is safe”

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