Plans for a giant air dome at David Lloyd Hampton Golf has received overwhelming support from neighbours.

The proposed air dome, or ‘bubble’ as it’s being called, would cover three of the club’s nine existing tennis courts to enable all-season play.

Air domes are made of flexible material and held aloft by the internal air pressure produced from fans.

Just four out of 53 public comments were objections (less than eight per cent) with many neighbours citing good sporting facilities as beneficial to people’s health.

Chris Godwin, of St Margarets Grove, said: “Tennis is an all year round sport yet so often it isn’t played due to poor weather.

“The bubble would encourage more people and continue to stimulate fitness and health in the area.”

Your Local Guardian: The dome would cover the three shaded tennis courts

Patrick Troughton, of Wolsey Road, said: “This will allow all year round tennis which encourages healthy lifestyles of local people. It will also reduce noise in the local area. As it's in a large area of land it won't cause any problems for nearby residents.”

Dr Jonathan Skinner, from Hanworth Road, said: “I live locally and support this proposal. It will also reduce any sound from the courts re neighbours.”

Janet Beverly, of St Margarets Gove, simply said: “Please support the bubble.”

Gloria Allberry, of Park Way, said: “I wholeheartedly support this proposal. Being a pensioner, it is very important to keep active and enjoy the sport I like.

"The weather does hinder me playing all through winter time or when the weather is bad. The advantages of being active and having social contact is known to be very important in older age.”

Susan Harrison, of Staines Road, said: “I don't think it will even be visible to many due to the trees surrounding."

However, one objector, Tess O'Neill of Glebe Cottages, said: “Total eye sore. Encroachment on green space.”

Jon Rowles, of Hospital Bridge Road, said: “A permanent building would be less eye-catching than a reflective and moving air ¬dome.”

The Lawn Tennis Association provided a letter of support with the application and said the air dome could ‘broaden the school outreach program’ and ‘strengthen the club’s ability to provide tennis to the local community’.

Since the neighbour consultation has now closed, the case officer will be assessing the proposal in detail and considering their comments.