Why in the world would London Fire Brigade tweet about #WorldNutellaDay?

Allegedly, a jar of the insanely popular chocolate spread caused a huge fire in Twickenham a few years ago.

A dog died in the fire on Fielding Avenue in Twickenham, on February 23 2015.

We know it’s not exactly a healthy snack, but this level of danger is somewhat unprecedented.

@LondonFire tweeted: ‘For #WorldNutellaDay we're looking back at a fire caused by sunlight refracting off a jar of the chocolate spread. Any glass jar can cause this type of fire, not just Nutella! Glass ornaments, mirrors & crystals are also a risk if placed in direct sunlight.’

Charlie Pugsley, from the Brigade's fire investigation unit said: “It sounds far-fetched that a jar containing a few rubber bands caused a severe house fire but that’s exactly what happened.

“It’s worth spending five minutes checking that your window ledges are clear of any glass or crystal that might lead to potentially life changing blaze.”

The fire destroyed a first floor bedroom and also damaged the roof while the family weren’t home.

Fire investigators believed that a chocolate spread container being used to collect bands on a window sill refracted low sun light, setting the blinds alight.

So, if you are going to scoff Nutella, be sure to keep glass jars away from direct sunlight.