As we re-connect with nature in these times of stress, wildlife watching from a window can be most rewarding, whether looking out into a garden or balcony, especially if a bird feeder or two are installed.

As a result of the past winter being comparatively mild, the survival rate of small birds was high.

My feeders have been exceptionally busy lately with an average seven species appearing daily including nuthatch; blue, great ,coal and long-tailed tits; goldfinch (very common and pictured) and robin. A pair of nuthatches is nesting in a large oak nearby and frequently top up with sunflower hearts, always feeding upside down.

A wren flies around the garden while dunnock; magpie; jay; blackbird; wood pigeon and stock doves clean up spilt seeds on the grass. The wood pigeons spend much time chasing the smaller stock doves round the garden forcing them to fly off eventually.

Starlings and greenfinches were regulars at on time but I rarely see them now. Then of course the local parakeets come down and scare off everything although they find the squirrel-proof feeder difficult to access.

On one memorable occasion a sparrowhawk flew in and pounced on a wood mouse feeding in the grass.

The garden pond is a great attraction and a fox often drinks there even during the day while squirrels bound around picking up spilt nuts.

So, there is much to see hear and enjoy from our windows and if fortunate, a few bees, bee-flies, hoverflies and butterflies may arrive to alight on the flowers.