In the natural world, autumn and early winter are notable for some distinctive 'seasonal sounds'. So, at this time of year three sounds in particular include the hooting of owls; barking of foxes and roaring of deer.

The first two sounds are nocturnal  whereas  deer can be heard vocalising by both day and night in Bushy and Richmond parks.

Tawny owls are now flying around prospecting for territories and advertising for mates. The familiar 'hooo-hooo' of the male often answers the 'twit-twit'  of the female as they indulge in a duet but both sexes utter versions of each call.

The triple 'wow-wow-wow' call of a dog fox searching for a mate is answered by the eerie screech of the vixen, both calls carrying further on frosty nights.

For deer, this is the rutting season. Red deer stags gathering their harems around them utter a lusty belching bellow every few minutes, challenging any young stag trying to muscle in. Stags often walk in parallel with a rival before facing one another and audibly clashing antlers ( pictured) Fallow buck's vocalisation is softer and sounds rather like a coughing burp as they trot around encircling their harems.