Two new "unreal" Cadbury chocolates have been released in B&M stores across the UK - both of which are twists on already fan favourites.

The confectionery company is responsible for a range of popular chocolates including Boost, Crunchie, Creme Eggs and the classic Dairy Milk.

Cadbury fans have been spoilt recently with the release of several new chocolate bars in the UK.

A new Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate bar was launched in the UK at the back end of last year.

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In 2024, fans have been treated to the release of two new Dairy Milk chocolate bars - More Nutty Praline Crisp and More Caramel Nut Crunch.

While last week Cadbury announced it was re-launching its Top Deck chocolate bar, which was first released back in 1993, as part of the company's 200th anniversary celebrations.

Two new "unreal" Cadbury chocolates released at B&M

B&M has also been bringing new Cadbury chocolates to UK shores.

Late last month the retail chain released a new Cadbury Slices Lamington chocolate bar, which comes from Australia.

Before this month B&M revealed Cadbury's Perky Nana chocolate bar was "back by popular demand".

Now two more Cadbury chocolates have been spotted in B&M stores by shoppers, both twists on already popular products.

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Raspberry chocolate bar and Twirl Iced Latte flavour are both available in B&M stores now and have shoppers racing to their local store.

The Slices Raspberry chocolate is made with milk, raspberry flavoured and Old Gold dark chocolate.

While the new Twirl is the same as the original just with an iced latte flavour.

Chocoholics have taken to Facebook group Newfoodsuk to share their excitement.

One person commenting on the Dairy Milk spin-off said: "These look awesome."

While another said: "They're unreal these."

As for the new Twirl, one chocolate lover said: "I neeeeeeeeed these! No B&M store on the IOM though (crying emoji)."


Another person, hoping to get their hands on one, added: "BnM! That’s where I’m going payday."

A third person commented: "Oh my god must get some."

Others were excited to try both, with one user commenting: "Can’t wait to buy this (Dairy Milk Slices Raspberry chocolate bar) along with the iced latte twirl."