Star of BBC's Call the Midwife Helen George has confirmed whether she will be back for series 14 of the drama amid rumours the actor would be leaving.

George, who plays Nurse Trixie Aylward, has been a part of the popular series since it began in 2012. 

Now as one of the only original cast members, there was some concern that George would not be back for another series of Call the Midwife following the final of series 13. 

The end of series 13 saw Trixie's husband, Matthew move to New York in America after the businessman struggled to support his family in the UK financially.

Hoping to help his family, advised by his friend Chester, Matthew brought two warehouses in New York as the property market in the American city seemed to be on the rise.

At the time the decision put a lot of stress on Trixie as she struggled to sleep while her husband was away and was forced to take some sleeping pills to help ease her worries.

In the final episode, Trixie rang Matthew confirming that she would be heading out to the Big Apple to see her husband.

But Trixie's decision left many Call the Midwife fans concerned that the popular character may not return to Poplar.

However now, actor Helen George has confirmed the fate of Trixie in an Instagram post.

Call the Midwife star Helen George confirms future on BBC show

Posting on her Instagram stories, George shared some filming footage of series 14 on the steps of Nonnetus House.

In her usual stylish look, Trixie was spotted wearing sunglasses walking with a black handbag over her arm.

Call the Midwife's makeup supervisor Mariella Bob Spoto said that they had been a "busy bee" as they got ready to shoot the next series of the BBC show.

Sharing: "Let the next 8 months commence!!" as George added "Series 14 awaits..."

Helen George 'unsure' of Call the Midwife's future

Call the Midwife's George spoke on the Graham Norton Show with Waitrose and discussed the BBC show's future.

Telling Norton: "We’re going into the 70s because I’ve just started wearing long collars and flared trousers."

However, as Call the Midwife is based on historical events there are concerns that the show could be forced to come to an end.


As George said about the future of the BBC show: "I don’t know is my honest answer. The nuns left the East End in the early 70s. So, historically, there has always been that notion, and that’s the truth of the matter. 

“Whether it goes on to another life form, I don’t know.”

But despite George's concern, Call the Midwife is set to air until 2026 with two more series on the way and Christmas specials.