Lewis Hamilton has managed to avoid a fine for wearing a nose stud in the qualifier for today’s Singapore Grand Prix however, Mercedes has been charged 25,000 euros (£22,000) for wrongly declaring that the British driver would follow Formula One’s jewellery ban.

The FIA, F1’s governing body, has clamped down on piercings this season and after a number of medical exemptions, Hamilton removed his nose stud in July for the 10th round at Silverstone.

Despite this, the 37-year-old was spotted wearing it in practice and qualifying here and was told to see the stewards.

Your Local Guardian: Lewis Hamilton qualified third for Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix (Daniel Hakim/AP)Lewis Hamilton qualified third for Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix (Daniel Hakim/AP) (Image: Daniel Hakim/AP)

Hamilton gave a doctor’s note and explained that he had been advised to keep the nose stud in to stop an infection which he developed when he removed it.

After qualifying third for Sunday’s round at the Marina Bay Circuit, he said: “I am not trying to make a statement. I have had my jewellery and my nose stud for years.

“We had that huge commotion at the beginning of the year. At the time, it was soldered in, so it didn’t come loose.

“For many races, the FIA gave me an exemption until I could find a solution. I got it taken out and it got infected because of that.

“I was continuing with this infection and I had a blood blister. I went back to have the blood blister fixed, because there was pus and blood.

Your Local Guardian: Hamilton, right, provided the FIA with a doctor’s note (Vincent Thian/AP)Hamilton, right, provided the FIA with a doctor’s note (Vincent Thian/AP) (Image: Vincent Thian/AP)

“I put this stud in, and then in the last two weeks it has started to heal and they asked that I keep it in.

“I have got a letter from the doctor. I have tried my best. Hopefully they will be sensible. The stewards should be there to keep us safe and this is not a safety issue.

“It is crazy that we have to talk about something so small. At this point, I don’t really care to be honest.”

Following an investigation, the FIA said: “In response to a request by the stewards, the team produced reports from a medical practitioner which confirmed Hamilton’s explanation. In light of the extenuating circumstances, we have determined to take no further action.”

Mercedes were also asked to see the stewards after Ron Meadows, team manager, submitted a self-scrutineering form saying Hamilton would comply with F1’s jewellery ban.

Your Local Guardian: Hamilton had removed his nose stud for the British Grand Prix in July (David Davies/PA)Hamilton had removed his nose stud for the British Grand Prix in July (David Davies/PA) (Image: David Davies/PA)

An FIA statement read: “The team manager explained that the team was unaware that Hamilton had a piercing. In recent events Hamilton had removed the piercing prior to the competition.

“The team assumed, without enquiring of Hamilton, that he had followed or would follow the same procedure for this event.

“The stewards accept that the error in the declaration in this case was not intentional or deliberate but it would not have occurred had the team made an enquiry of Hamilton before completing and submitting the declaration. Given these circumstances, we fine the team 25,000 euros.”