26th August is International Dog Day in, and while we definitely don’t need just one day to scream about our love for our dogs, we wouldn’t be the pet loving nation we are without doing it even louder tomorrow.

However you choose to celebrate your dog, extra cuddles, a puppucino, even a treat for dinner, what’s certain is they deserve to be celebrated. And what better way to treat your pup than a long run along the beach and a paw dip in the sea.

ShowersToYou have been searching to find the best rated dog friendly beaches in the UK so you can take your pup for a celebratory beach walk tomorrow. They have reviewed over 150 beaches to find the top 10 for you and your pup and have shared the results.

The best rated dog-friendly beaches in the UK

Beaches are rated out of 10:

  1. Durdle Door, Dorset:  9.30
  2. Cuckmere Haven Beach, East Sussex: 9.13
  3. Man O’War Beach, Dorset:  8.99
  4. Three Cliffs Bay, Glamorgan:         8.79
  5. Longsands North Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear: 8.69
  6. Yellowcraig, Lothian: 8.62
  7. Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire: 8.55
  8. Seacliff, Lothian: 8.35
  9. Bosta Beach, Hebrides: 8.28
  10. Porth Joke, Cornwall: 8.22


Durdle Door in Dorset scored first place! With an almost perfect score of 9.30 out of 10, it is the perfect seaside getaway for dogs and their owners.

Your Local Guardian: Durdle Door (Andy Holmes/Unsplash)Durdle Door (Andy Holmes/Unsplash)

In second place is Cuckmere Haven Beach in East Sussex. With the neighbouring white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters touring nearby, the quiet pebbled beach makes a prime spot for bonding with your furry friend.

Another Dorset favourite, Man O’War Beach, ranks third with 8.99 out of 10. Also known as east Durdle Door, another pebbled beach offers calm waters that are well protected from swells, perfect for your dog to dip their paws (and yours too)!

Three Cliffs Bay in Glamorgan comes in fourth place overall, but first sand beach on the list! The shore is covered in dunes perfect for your dog to run around in.

Your Local Guardian: Three Cliffs Bay (Jamie Chapman/Unsplash)Three Cliffs Bay (Jamie Chapman/Unsplash)

Finishing off the top five is Longsands North Tynemouth with 8.69. Located on England’s north-east coast, this dog-friendly beach is another perfect place to walk your dog.

It is no surprise that Devon, the county also known as ‘Mother Nature’s playground’, is home to the most highly rated dog-friendly beaches. A whopping 22 beaches out of 151 making the rankings.

In a close second, placing with a total of 21 beaches, is the county of Pembrokeshire. Bordered by the sea on three sides, it is no wonder it has a plethora of beaches to offer.

Cornwall places third with a total of 14 highly rated dog-friendly beaches. Home to harbour villages and towering cliffs, you and your pet will never have a dull moment there.

You can view the full list of dog friendly beaches here.