The front pages of Britain’s Sunday newspapers touch on a raft of topics, with multiple mastheads reporting on the royal family’s racism row.

The Sunday Mirror runs with the latest royal scandal, with aides telling the paper it is “business as usual” at the palace as the family digs in to form a united front.

The Sunday Express focuses on the King’s fractured relationship with the Duke of Sussex, as the lasting impact of the royal race row sets in.

The Mail on Sunday reports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not on the guest list for the wedding of the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, and Olivia Henson. The King, the Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales have all been invited.

The Observer says military officials confirmed the Israeli military would move into a phase of intense focus on intelligence to target Hamas leaders.

The Sunday Times leads with the Government’s migration deal and the efforts from Rwanda to get the deportation plan off the ground.

The Sunday Telegraph also touches on migration, with Sir Keir Starmer accusing the Government of national betrayal through failed policy as the opposition leader attempts to woo votes from the centre-right to Labour.

The Independent reports thousands of nurseries have shut and more are facing closures, which flies in the face of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s previous vow to expand free childcare and accessibility for British families.

Sunday People leads with a piece on Tim Edwards, a Merseyside anti-gun crime activist and father of murder victim Elle Edwards, who says gun runners are grooming children as young as nine to help out in an underground war plaguing Britain.

And the Daily Star Sunday warns Britons to prepare for the coldest winter in a decade, with the Met Office forecasting temperatures reaching minus 12C.