Recently in parliament the Tory majority government voted against free school meals for children in poverty. The cost to Westminster to provide a free school meal to a child in poverty would be £2.30 and would cost the government £20 million per week, totaling £1.04 billion per annum. This sounds like a significant amount until you realize what the government had spent money on in the past on many events and scheme of which many were pointless, this list includes:

• £2.9 million a year in food allowance – too which many MPs complain about the quality of food- for MPs who already earn a collective £53 million from serving as MPs

• £150 million on unusable and unsuitable PPE masks

• £10 billion on a track a trace system which didn’t work

• £16 million on COVID-19 tests that were defective • £900,000 spent on rebranding the Prime Minister plane

• £522 million on the Eat out to help out scheme - which lead to a huge increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country

• £293 million on renovations to the Queens residence

• £32 million on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding