At least 48 people have died and 67 others were injured after a suicide bomb struck a Shia area in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The bomber targeted a private building in the Dasht-i Barcha area, where a group of young men and women, all high school graduates, were studying for university entrance exams.

Officials did not say if all the victims were students or whether any of their teachers were also among the casualties.

Suicide blastSecurity personnel arrive at the site of the deadly bombing (AP)

Afghanistan’s president condemned the atrocity.

A strongly-worded statement by Ashraf Ghani denounced the “terrorist bombing” and ordered the relevant authorities to investigate how the attack happened.

Mr Ghani says that in “this terrorist bombing once again, the terrorists martyred and wounded the innocent”.

He added that “by targeting educational and cultural centres, terrorists have clearly shown they are against all those Islamic principles (that strive) for both men and women to learn and study”.