A Streatham mum has penned a book to teach lucky lottery winners what to do with their jackpot winnings.

Cathy Bussey, 31, wrote ‘What To Do When You Win The Lottery’ while she was pregnant with her daughter, who is now four months old.

Freelance writer Mrs Bussey, who lives in Valley Road, secured the book deal after contacting publisher Fiona Shoop, through the social networking site Twitter.

During one conversation about what they would do if they scooped the jackpot, Mrs Bussey suggested producing a book with advice for winners, and landed herself a publishing deal.

She said: “I am quite active on Twitter and Fiona started following my tweets.

“I was getting a lot of spam about winning the Spanish lottery and Fiona and I began talking about what we would do if we won.

“I asked her for a book deal and we took it from there. I wanted to look at the good and the bad things people do.”

Not being a lottery winner herself, Mrs Bussey decided to research how others had spent their windfall.

She cites the tale of Norfolk binman Michael Carroll, who squandered his £9.7million jackpot in just eight short years, as a particular case of “what not to do”.

“It can take two years to process the emotional side of it, the shock and the dramatic change in your circumstances. Lottery winners often go from rags to riches,” she said.

In a more positive chapter, she highlights the case of Paul Bristow and his wife Thea, who hit the headlines with a £15million win in 2004, and subsequently took their Torquay scout troop on a luxury all-expenses-paid trip to Canada.

If she won the lottery, Mrs Bussey says she would buy a farmhouse in Wiltshire and take holidays in the Maldives.

She said: “Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery yet, as demonstrated by my writing books. But if I did, I would buy a farm and fill it with horses. Hopefully my next book will be about what I did after I won.”

What To Do When You Win The Lottery (£14.99) is available to buy now from Golden Guides Press.