Union workers at Lambeth's libraries have cancelled a strike tomorrow against cuts to their service.

Unison said strike action has been suspended because of "concessions from management" which should avoid compulsory redundancies within the service. It said, however, that strike action would be reinstated if a final agreement could not be reached.

Lambeth branch secretary Jon Rogers said: "Intensive negotiations over the last few days have led to management and the Union coming to an agreement on a revised structure for libraries which makes sure that there are no compulsory redundancies, and which protects the service better than previous proposals.

"This is tribute to the hard work for our shop stewards, but also to the unity and determination of our members in the libraries, who were ready to strike to defend the library service and protect their jobs.

"This is a lesson to every other worker - in Lambeth Council and elsewhere - that to look after your interests you have to be prepared to take industrial action." Assistant branch secretary and library worker Ruth Cashman said: "This is just one positive step in our continuing campaign to protect the library service as a key public service for the people of Lambeth and we hope that other council workers will learn from our example and get organised and active in the trade union to protect jobs and services."