A foot fetish landlord who tried to force women tenants to join in with his perverted sex games is facing jail.

Florin Vlasceanu, 46, surprised one victim when he shoved her foot into his mouth during a conversation, and masturbated after grabbing another’s feet as she sat on the sofa.

A third tenant was horrified when she woke up to find Vlasceanu at the end of her bed, fondling her feet.

Vlasceanu was found guilty by a jury at Kingston Crown Court on Friday of three counts of sexual assault and two counts of exposure.

The landlord and his long-term partner rented a spare room at their flat, in Colson Way, Tooting Bec, which they advertised on website Gumtree.

Vlasceanu tried to satisfy his bizarre foot fascination with four different tenants in three years.

He crept into his first victim’s bedroom as she slept in May 2007. The shocked woman turned on the light to find him touching her feet.

She shouted for him to get out, but the pervert later returned naked and tried to get into her bed.

He targeted his next tenant the following month. He started massaging her foot as they had a conversation about his favourite body part - before suddenly shoving it into his mouth.

The woman pulled it away, but then he started licking the other one.

Vlasceanu’s third victim moved into the flat in November 2007. She was eating with the couple when the twisted landlord suddenly exposed himself to her.

She left the room but he followed her naked, apologising and trying to hug her. Vlasceanu later asked her to leave because she was not “open minded” enough.

Police said the couple often insisted that their tenants stayed and chatted with them during the evenings. Vlasceanu’s fourth victim was sitting on the sofa in April last year as he sat on the floor.

He asked her to remove her socks so he could give her a massage. She refused, but Vlasceanu grabbed her feet and started masturbating.

Police arrested the couple at their home on October 26 last year.

Charges against Vlasceanu's partner were dropped.

Vlasceanu was bailed and is due to be sentenced on November 12.

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