Dozens of allegations of child abuse carried out by people working for Lambeth Council were investigated in the last financial year.

Some 30 allegations of sexual abuse, 82 involving physical abuse, 16 involving neglect, and eight involving emotional abuse were investigated by the council and police, according to a council report.

Seven employees were fired, and 23 disciplined as a result.

Details are contained in the Biannual Safeguarding Report, due to be discussed by Lambeth's Children and Young People’s scrutiny committee on Tuesday.

The allegations resulted in some 21 criminal investigations, and four people being handed a police caution.

The majority of allegations, 54, were made in schools and other educational establishments.

Some 18 involved foster carers, five residential care homes, and 11 the borough's health services.

The report states "robust processes are in place in respect of safer recruitment".