Clothes lovers can now make their favourite outfits last longer thanks to the launch of the UK’s first online ‘slow fashion’ hub.

Website is a free style-sharing community hub which mixes the best 'conscious' fashion with services that prolong the life of your clothes - the anti-thesis of fast-fashion.

The Good Wardrobe is the brainchild of Streatham resident Zoë Robinson, who was recently named as a London Leader by Mayor of London Boris Johnson for her championing of the ‘slow fashion’ movement.

The London Leaders programme brings together sustainability leaders from across London and Zoë was recognised for her achievements in inspiring a sustainable fashion revolution.

Zoë said: “The Good Wardrobe is all about celebrating long-lasting, timeless style, sustainable innovation in the fashion industry, and making the most of the beautiful clothes in our wardrobes.

“We should treasure and nurture our favourite outfits not treat them like disposable items. I want to start a never-ending trend for repair and restoration.”

As part of The Good Wardrobe, Zoë recently launched her Sew It Forward initiative encouraging people to pass on their sewing skills.

By using the Sew It Forward voucher, downloadable from the website, people can pledge to share the secrets of a simple needle and thread and teach others how to knit, darn or mend - a perfect way to have a thrifty, money-saving Christmas or learn a new skill in the New Year.

Zoë said: “Sew It Forward is a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe. You can have fun with friends and family and save money at the same time.

“This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a huge new movement in sustainable fashion.”

Zoë was joined by award winning designers Henrietta Ludgate and Nicola Woods (Beautiful Soul) who revealed their top stitching tips.

Designer Henrietta said: "The Sew It Forward project makes me think of my childhood: my Grandmother knitting by the open fire, making our clothes with love and attention to detail.

“An utterly fantastic idea that brings people together and teaches them the basics in the timeless craft of sewing - I can't wait to see what is created."

Zoë Robinson is also founder of Think Style, an innovative, award-winning style consultancy that assists clients in dressing more sustainably without compromising on style.

As well as working with private clients, she acts as a writer and consultant to charities and business, advising on anything from uniform, to fashion shows to lifestyle events and campaigns.

She is also Fashion Editor for EggMag, the UK's guide to ‘culture with conscience’ (shortlisted for the 2010 London Lifestyle Awards ‘Green’ Contribution to London), and has been guest contributor to various blogs including Style Bible, Eco Age, Maggie Semple and A Good Week.

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