Students from a Shepperton school jetted off to Ethiopia to visit their twin school and meet pupils they had fundraised for.

The group of 12 teenagers from Halliford School travelled to Ediget Feleg General Secondary School in Gondar and helped paint a computer room they raised £3,000 to revamp.

History teacher Michael Graham, who organised the trip for the group of 15 to 18-year-olds, said: “This trip was a real eye opener for the students. I think first and foremost they were amazed at the difference in terms of how much we have and how little the students have.

“We took them football shirts and books as well as painting classrooms ready for the computer equipment we raised money for to arrive. The students just fell in love with the country and how helpful everyone was, we had an entourage of children following us about everywhere.

“The children made lots of friends with pupils and often kids would be waiting outside our hotel. Many of our students gave away their own shirts and shoes to the kids, things they had brought for themselves.”

Teachers at the school aim to take a group of students every two years to the school to watch the facilities grow and encourage links.

Mr Graham said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for students to see where all their fundraising efforts end up and some of the students from this trip are even considering going back for their gap years.”