Pub-goers were today warned to drink sensibly after two watering holes launched a promotion selling booze for just 99p.

The Moon on the Square, in the Centre, Feltham, and the Moon Under Water, in Staines Road, Hounslow, have been offering a pint of Greene King, a glass of Fetzer wine, a gin and tonic or a bottle of Carlsberg for the discount price.

Pub chain Wetherspoon pledged to serve punters responsibly, and police said they had no record of any trouble at the two pubs since the sale began last Monday.

But NHS Hounslow urged caution and said drinkers should try and be sensible.

A spokesman said: “The chief medical officer recommends that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol daily and women should not regularly drink more than two to three units daily.

“In addition you should also take a break for 48 hours after an episode of heavy drinking to let your body recover.

“Drinking regularly over the lower-risk guidelines can lead to serious health problems including: certain types of cancer including breast and liver cancer; high blood pressure; increased risk of heart disease and certain types of stroke; and liver disease, such as cirrhosis.”

The Conservative Party has called for an end to cut-rate booze - but Tory Councillor Mark Bowen, deputy leader of Hounslow Council, believed the problem was more about culture than price.

The Feltham North councillor said: "I am more comfortable than my party is with these type of promotions as I believe that such promotions benefit the law abiding majority through lower prices in a responsible environment.

“The price of wine and beer is cheaper in other countries and they do not have some of the antisocial behaviour problems caused by excessive drinking that we do."

The Government’s regional public health group in London said the rate of alcohol related hospital admissions in the capital has almost doubled in the last six years.

It estimated 45 per cent of violent crime was alcohol related, and believed 2m Londoners have drunk “hazardously” or “harmfully”.

The Wetherspoon promotion will run until next Tuesday.

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