Five new eco-friendly hybrid buses will take to the road next week on the E8 route.

The buses are part of a fleet of 25 that will go into service this month on routes across the capital. A further 18 will be added early next year.

By 2012 Transport for London (TfL) expects all new buses brought into service will use hybrid technology.

Hybrid buses have a conventional engine and an electric motor which uses less fuel and emits fewer pollutants, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40 per cent.

David Brown, managing director for surface transport at TfL, said: “London has led the way in the introduction of hybrid technology in its bus fleet, and I’m pleased to see so many manufacturers responding with new hybrid bus designs. “As we increase the number of hybrid buses in London, more people across the capital will be able to see first hand the future of the bus fleet – cleaner, quieter and more pleasant for passengers and Londoners on the whole, but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.”

The vehicles are being introduced as part of an ongoing programme by TfL to test innovative technology and reduce emissions from its bus fleet. The five new buses will run on Metroline’s E8 route between Ealing Broadway and Commerce Road, Brentford.