The Liberal Democrat's prospective Parliamentary candidate for north Kingston has launched a petition calling for Kingston station's Richmond Road entrance to be re-opened.

Robin Meltzer said the re-opening of the entrance, on the side of the station's London-bound platform, would ease congestion during rush hour and save commuters precious minutes of queing to get into the station.

He also said the re-opening would be timely given plans to redevelop the nearby gasholders site into a residential block of 315 new homes

Mr Meltzer, who will challenge MP Zac Goldsmith for his Richmond Park and North Kingston seat next year, said: "North Kingston has seen many new flats in recent years and it's fair to say there will certainly be more in the coming years.

"It doesn't make sense for all these residents to traipse round to the other side of the station, particularly when the trains into London leave from the platform near to this currently unused exit.

"Especially in the morning rush, those extra two or three minutes could make all the difference to catching the right train.

"I have raised this with Network Rail last week and they are looking into it, so I'm keen to get as many North Kingston residents as possible behind the idea."

The Richmond Road entrance currently only opens late at night, when the main entrance has closed.

To sign the petition, click here.

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