A prisoner serving 20 years for setting fire to a transvestite in an argument over a handbag has complained about other inmates manners.

In a letter to the Sun, Gabryela Passos, 30, complains about the ‘horrible uncivilised behaviour’ of other cell mates who eat noisily and play their music too loud.

Passos from Brazil is serving two decades in Downview prison, Sutton for the attempted murder of transvestite Ricardo da Silva who was left with 70 per cent burns after being set on fire in his flat in Birmingham.

She claimed Mr Da Silva had stolen her Louis Vuitton handbag.

In the letter she wrote "It should be obligatory for education departments to teach the basics of good manners to everybody.

"How is it possible that some girls get their meal, run in the corridor, shout, and speak and do it all at the same time?

"People should try to learn to be polite - they might get a bit further in life."