You could get your car de-iced for free tomorrow while you're still snoozing in bed - but you'll need to vote for your Post Code first.

In response to the Beast in the East, firm WhoCanFixMyCar will be deploying a de-icer squad to the area with the most votes.

Between 6am and 7am tomorrow, they will be out in force, scraping and spraying windscreens with industrial de-icer spray.

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Statistics reveal that on average, 22 per cent of all UK road accidents are caused by bad weather, and the company is keen to both prevent and highlight just how poor visibility contributes to accidents. will launch the service on the morning of Thursday 1st March, and is asking for Londoners to submit their postcode online, so the marketplace can establish where the service is most needed.

To submit your postcode to have your car de-iced for free, click here.

The postcode with the highest number of requests will become the first area the Squad go to work in.

If the snow and cold weather continues, will assemble the team in affected postcodes throughout the rest of the week.

Alistair Preston, Co-Founder of, said, “Cold weather plays havoc with cars, and as statistics show, it directly contributes to accidents due to poor visibility.

"Ice and snow are some of the worst weather conditions for drivers to experience, and it seems like London has been hit particularly hard by the Beast in the East."