Supermarket giant Aldi has removed over 38,000 bags of frozen vegetables from sale after a woman claimed to have found a rat.

Aldi said it has chosen to remove the ‘Four Seasons Mixed Vegetable’ from sale. It comes after a grandmother said she found a rat after feeding her two-year old granddaughter.

Pat Bateman, 60, said she was offered £30 by the manager and did not deem this to be enough to make up for the rodent at the bottom of her bag of veg.

Mrs Bateman told The Sun: “We felt physically sick after finding the rat. We had eaten almost all of the bag before we saw it - and what’s even worse - I fed it to my youngest granddaughter. It’s a wonder none of us ended up physically ill.”

An Aldi spokesman said: “Following Mrs Bateman’s complaint, we removed this product from sale to prevent any further issues.

“We have suspended all orders from this production site whilst we investigate this matter.”

As of February 5 all products have been removed from the thousands of stores across the UK and parts of Europe.