A talented Kingston University student is set to take on the Hollywood elite after winning a script writing competition.

Daniel Bailey, 22, took up the challenge to write a script that would reflect one of the seven Olympic and Paralympics values.

Choosing the value inspiration for his film The Boxer, starring Only Fools and Horses star Paul Barber, the budding writer’s success has seen him catapulted into the film industry.

His film explores the relationship between Michael, a young boxer, and his grandfather, who lies ill in a hospital bed.

Facing his first bout without his granddad, Michael struggles to find the strength to go it alone and so goes to visit him looking for inspiration.

Daniel’s film will be championed in the run up to this summer’s London 2012 Olympics and is also set to be entered it into the Raindance Film Festival later this year.

Mr Bailey, from Neasden, said he was surprised how quickly his film has made it to the big screen.

He said: "The film is less an examination of the sport, instead the boxing provides a setting for the relationship between the characters to develop,"

"Michael’s granddad inspires him and that is something that I can really relate to as I’m incredibly close to my own grandparents."

Daniel was delighted when he heard that actor Paul Barber, who also starred as Horse in film the Full Monty, was keen to be involved in the project.

He said: "Being given the opportunity to work with Paul was amazing but a bit surreal.”

"I’ve watched him on TV and in films since I was a kid and now I’m walking down the street with him after a production meeting.

"Everyone recognises him and I’m just so pleased he’s going to be in my film bringing the role of the grandfather to life."

Daniel said he would not let his new-found fame get in the way of his architecture studies at Kingston University.

He said: "I think having other interests can help your studies and it’s good to have something to show for my free time.

"Being creative with words is very different to designing something physical like a building which uses shape and space.

"I’ve found having something completely different that challenges me creatively and personally has been incredibly rewarding."