Priory Preparatory School in Banstead is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a ball at the local RAC club on Saturday, June 18.

The all-boys school was first established in Kent in 1921 and moved to Banstead in 1936.

Despite turbulent times - incendiary bombs hit the top floors during World War Two whilst the pupils were taught in the cellar - the school flourished.

Today, it's still growing. Priory has announced the creation of an extra reception and year 1 class from September as well as a new playground for the early years department.

The school's alumni include The Social Network actor Andrew Garfield; luxury housing market experts Christian and Nick Candy; and the BBC's north American editor Mark Mardell.

Graham Malcolm, the fifth headmaster since the school was founded, said: "Our school is a very well-known landmark in Banstead and throughout the years we have continued to grow and prosper, even keeping going throughout World War Two.

"The event on Saturday 18th June is to look back at our history but to also look forward to the future."