Members of the Canbury and Riverside Association (Cara) have come out decisively against proposals for an eight form of entry secondary school on the North Kingston Centre site.

The council has yet to reveal the outcome of its consultation, which was sent to north Kingston residents and primary school parents across the borough, but 85 per cent of people who responded to Cara’s own survey objected to the plans.

Three quarters of the 46 respondents said they would be more likely to support a smaller school, and while 95 per cent were against using the Hawker Centre for a sixth form, while a slim majority backed using the leisure centre for sports provision.

Hugh Scantlebury, chairman of Cara, said: “It bears out our concerns that the proposals are just too big. We have asked all the parties to look at the issues realistically in terms of the points that have been raised by the residents and give them due consideration.”

The council is due to consider the results of its consultation on Tuesday, March 9, and decide whether to issue a competition notice for providers of the school.