Forget the Staples Centre - the best Michael Jackson tribute was in Wandsworth last Tuesday.

Kids at Belleville Primary, in Battersea, donned gruesome costumes and face paints for their dance club performance of Thriller.

The children have been perfecting their routine since September, so were spooked when they heard of Jackson’s death a month ago.

And after sightings of his ghost at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, pupils suspect he might have made a special trip to Battersea last week.

Dance club teacher Georgina Mackenzie said: “The kids were completely spooked out. They thought he might come to haunt us because we were doing his song.

“They were sure if the CD stopped it would meant he had come to get us. Actually it did - twice.”

The year 6 pupils made their costumes at home and spent months studying the original video clip on YouTube to perfect the moves.

On their big night, record numbers of parents and pupils arrived to see their special tribute to the King of Pop.

Ms Mackenzie said: “Some of them may not have known who he is until now. They were born in 1998, so he was before their time.

“They really did work hard and put their time and energy into it. I’m sure he would have been proud if really was watching it.”

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