More than 500 youngsters turned out in Croydon last weekend for the Trinity triathlon.

Organised by Trinity School, and initially set up with the help of Crystal Palace Triathlon Club, the annual sport festival is in its sixth year.

In the various age groups ranging from eight years old to 19, the winners were:

Aurel Sinko-Uribe
Youth: Zak Wort
Tristar 3: Matyas Sinko
Tristar 2: Christo Chilton
Tristar 1: Christian Pauling and Theo Treadwell (joint)
Tristar Start: Alex Hughes

Holly Dixon
Youth: Freya Thomson
Tristar 3: Elle Peters
Tristar 2: Madeline Grace Cooper
Tristar 1: Melissa Eve Cooper
Tristar Start: Betsy North

Event director Rob Brookman from Trinity School said: “It was a real pleasure to welcome so many athletes for another successful Trinity triathlon.

“The marshalling was outstanding throughout the morning and I want to say a huge thank you to the 100 or more volunteers involved in making the event one of the biggest children’s triathlons in country.”

Full results here.