Brooklands Theatre Company was “within in inch of perfection” when it won the youth portion of the 41st British All Winners’ Festival of Plays for its production of Footfalls.

The company was at the annual festival on the Isle of Man and made it to the all winners’ final following its youth award win at Woking Drama Festival in October of last year.

Iain Patterson, company founder, said: “Beckett’s plays are uniquely challenging for actors and audiences alike. When I initially selected Footfalls to work on with two young actresses I knew I was taking a gamble – it would either be a flop or a fantastic success.

“Fortunately our production has been well received at festivals across the country, scooping 11 regional and national awards along the way. Winning the British All Winners’ youth section is really the cherry on the cake for us.”

Jay Palmer Sayer, adjudicator of the awards, said the production was “within an inch of perfection” and she praised cast members Elizabeth Bell, 19, and Shannon Richards, 19, for managing a piece even the most seasoned actresses would struggle with.

Mr Patterson added: “The day before we headed off to the Isle of Man Elizabeth Bell was offered a place to continue her training at the London Academy of music and Dramatic Arts (Lamda) in London. Lamda is one of the world’s top drama schools. Unfortunately, the fees for the foundation course are £11,500 and there is no funding available for this.

“If any company or individual would be interested in sponsoring Lizzie, let her success in this production be a testament to her ability and talent. I have been acting, directing and teaching for nearly 20 years and have rarely seen any student demonstrate the potential that Lizzie does.”

If you could help Lizzie, email