A schoolgirl from Sanderstead is to star in new Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus.

Lucy Hutchinson plays the main character, Elizabeth Shaw, as a child in the sci-fi blockbuster, due to be released next month.

The eight-year-old appears in scenes considered critical by director Ridley Scott, as it gives an insight into Shaw's character and explains some of her motivations in the film.

Actress Naoomi Rapace was so intrigued by Lucy's scenes, she visited the set on the her day off to meet Lucy and watch filming.

The Ridgeway School pupil, who worked alongside actors Patrick Wilson and Michael Fassbender on set, said she had a "really good time".

She said: "It was really good and I think the experience was great for me as well.

"It was filming at Pinewood, it is such a big place and that showed me what other sets were being built there which was good.

"I have never really been to a big set before, I just thought 'wow'. I know it was a big scene, Ridley Scott told me it was a really big scene. I was quite confident and just thought 'yeah I am going to do this'."

Lucy, who lives with her parents Gary and Anna, older brother Jack and dog Toby, is no stranger to the world of television and film.

She landed her first television role in Jacqueline Wilson's Dustbin Baby in 2008, and since then has played characters in Eastenders, Psychoville and Doc Martin.

The film's official trailer was released two weeks ago and the movie hits cinema screens on June 1, but the schoolgirl is unlikely to attend the premiere or watch the film in full because of her young age.

Despite this, she said she would happily do the film all over again.

She said: "The film is for people at least twice my age but I'd happily do it again.

"It is a bit annoying that I can't watch it, but my mum and dad said they will probably get it and just let me see my part."