An amateur meteorologist claims to have spotted a UFO when driving along Mitcham Road in Croydon last Tuesday.

Ian Iyamu, 46, and his twelve year-old son, Morgan, were travelling back from his daughter's flat when they saw a bright white light hovering in the sky.

Mr Iyamu, an IT specialist from Shirley, pulled over in his car by the car showroom, just across from the Lombard Roundabout, when he noticed that the brilliant white light was oddly stationary.

"At first we thought it must be a star, but it was too low. Then I thought that it must be a helicopter, but there were no flashing lights.

!We could see other planes flying in the sky, but this was different. I was glad my son was with me as he agreed it did not look like an aircraft.

"The light then emitted a beam into the cloud, which was followed by the light itself. However, the dazzling light then returned and continued to hover.

"I was hoping to take a photo, but by the time we had parked and I had got my phone out, it disappeared suddenly.

"As someone really interested in meteorology, I am accustomed to analysing the sky. It was honestly like nothing I have ever seen before, it must have been a UFO".

Mr Iyamu is currently in the process of contacting experts in meteorology and astronomy in the hope that others will have also reported the sighting.