A brother and sister duo are making waves as they pursue their dreams of becoming the next big comedy sensations, captivating audiences online.

Rosanna and Andrew Lambe, originally from a “crazy working class home” in Manchester, host their very own comedy page named Demona Lisa, which celebrates humour across Instagram and TikTok.

For four years, the duo resided in a shared house in Norbury alongside three others.

Your Local Guardian:

It was during this time that they established their presence on social media, using the space to craft and share parody sketches inspired by top Netflix, BBC, and reality TV shows.

“It was a real test – not so much for us, as we were family – the drama of everyone else was enough to deal with”, Rosanna told Your Local Guardian.

During their time in Norbury, Rosanna says their house was “burgled”, and one of the housemates room was “so messy you couldn’t tell if her room had been ransacked or not".

Your Local Guardian:

Rosanna added: “This is the house where Demona Lisa began.

“We were able to create content in all the rooms, the garden, and the common over the road.”

Rosanna, 30, shared with Your Local Guardian that she and her brother were raised in what she describes as a "crazy working class home."

Your Local Guardian:

According to her, the 'Hokey Cokey' truly embodies their upbringing, as their mother, Patsy, proudly displays a plaque in the kitchen bearing those exact words.

She added: “We have been making videos since we were kids on hand held video cameras.

“Our first home feature was a horror film, where we both played American women called Jenna and we roped our younger brother to play the murderer.

“Filming didn’t run so smoothly with Patsy banging on the kitchen window to come in for bloody dinner.”

After a few breakdowns and the dreaded Covid-19 lockdown, Rosanna and Andrew decided it was time to restart filming, and they now have more than 60,000 likes on TikTok, with one sketch receiving more than half-a-million views.

Your Local Guardian:

Their first ‘big hit’ was when the siblings parodied one the biggest reality TV stars of all time, Gemma Collins, who was “navigating” a McDonalds drive-thru in Croydon with her vegan assistant Lucas Armitage.

“Since then, we have gone viral on TikTok with a Happy Valley Video and Megan McKenna's GF Dinners”, Rosanna added.

Now, 37-year-old Andrew currently lives in Folkestone whilst Rosanna remains in south west London, and the pair plan to continue creating sibling sketches by meeting up regularly, and when they can’t, creating content individually on their social media pages.


@demona_lisa A day in the life of Sarah Lancashire 🚨 #happyvalley #sarahlancashire #queen #catherinecawood #funny #fyp ♬ Trouble Town - Jake Bugg

Rosanna and Andrew both share the dream of growing the page, making people laugh, and one day, having their own show making sketches and parodies.

Rosanna added: “Sometimes it’s hard performing behind the screen and not in front of a live audience but the next minute we find ourselves belly laughing at the improv mistakes and my impression of Kim Woodburn on Loose Women.

“I just want to be one of those influencers who gets sent an Emma Mattress for free and to get on Dancing on Ice.

“Andrew wants to be recognised for all of his talents and hard work so he can move to a cottage and live out his future drinking tea and eating chocolate Hob Knobs.”