We’ve rounded up the luckiest postcodes in Croydon in the postcode lottery - with the largest win worth £50,000.

If you’re thinking about trying your luck at the Postcode Lottery, we’ve put together a list of the postcodes with the most wins in Croydon.

According to Postcode Lottery’s interactive map these postcodes are the “luckiest” in Croydon.


One lucky winner in this postcode won a huge sum of £50,000 in January 2021.

But there have also been 16 winners who have won prizes worth £10 with the most recent winner in September 2023.


The largest prize won in this postcode was a sum of £30,000 claimed by one winner in December 2021.

Since December 2014 there have also been a total of 17 wins worth £10 along with one winner who bagged a £5 M&S gift card.


One winner won a £30,000 cash prize in November 2019.

Since October 2015, this postcode has had a recorded 18 wins worth £10 along with one £20 prize.

The most recent win was recorded only last week on January 11, with one winner receiving a £10 cash prize.


The largest prize was a £30,000 sum in December 2021.

Since April 2017, 15 prizes of £10 have been awarded to winners in this postcode along with one £20 prize.

The most recent win recorded in the postcode was in December 2023, where one winner received a £10 prize.

SE25 6XJ

In 2018, one winner in this postcode received a £30,000 prize.

But the postcode has also had the largest number of smaller prizes won out of our roundup.

Since February 2015, 18 prizes worth £10 have been won along with one £20 prize and a £5 M&S gift card.

The most recent winner of a prize was in November 2023.