A new block of almost 800 flats could soon be built in Croydon.

Build-to-rent developer, Greystar, is looking to build a new pair of towers in the town centre.

The company is behind the two other tallest developments close to East Croydon Station.

Councillors discussed a pre-application from the developer at a meeting on Thursday (April 29) for nearly three hours.

It is for two towers of 47 and 32 stories tall which would be made up of 783 flats and include 1,600 square feet of office space.

The plans are for the corner of Wellesley Road and Landsdowne Road.

It would see a hostel, a hotel and a fitness centre demolished to make way for new towers.

Greystar bought the site in October 2022 from Guildhouse Rosepride. The previous owner had permission for a huge development of two towers of 68 and 41 storeys.

Greystar is also behind Ten Degrees close to East Croydon Station – two towers of rented flats at 44 and 38 stories.

It is also in the process of building another pair of blocks next door in College Road, a development of more than 900 flats across buildings of 50 and 31 stories tall.

At the meeting, Councillor Sean Fitzsimons raised concerns about the height of the building.

While Councillor Clive Fraser said he thought the two buildings were too close together and “very tall”.

He added that he thought the open space provided was quite small.

Richard Fox from HTA Design, which has designed the development, said:”In terms of the overall height, this development is in Croydon town centre, equidistant between East and West Croydon stations.

It is right that you focus density in this area rather than push it to the outskirts where you are going to take way from wider family housing.”

While Cllr Luke Shortland said he wanted the developer to consider how the buildings would look when it wasn’t a “lovely sunny CGI day”.

Greystar is expected to submit a full planning application at the end of June after taking on the feedback of the committee.

It said, if approved work could start on the development in 2024.