Plans for a huge 68-storey block of flats in Croydon have been dropped in favour of “more sensitive” plans for a 47-storey development of around 780 flats.

It comes six years after plans for a huge development of two towers of 68 and 41 storeys, linked by an 11-storey podium structure were approved in Landsdowne Road.

The developer behind the original plans, Guildhouse Rosepride, sold the site to build-to-rent developer Greystar at the end of 2022.

The new company said it is looking at a “more sensitive design” reducing the height of the towers to 47 and 32 storeys. It also proposes a “green public square” at ground level instead of the 11-storey linking tower.

Greystar has now carried out an initial round of consultation and is expected to submit a planning application to Croydon Council at the end of May 2023.

If approved a timeline shows work could start on site as soon as 2024.

The company is behind Ten Degrees a pair of towers in central Croydon with almost 550 flats across 44 floors.

Information on the development’s consultation website reads: “The site represents an important piece of the puzzle in the ongoing masterplan regeneration of Croydon, and we have a new, achievable plan to unlock its potential and the long-held desire to see something new here for the whole community.

“We are reducing the height of the proposed buildings to 47 and 32 storeys.

"We’re also proposing to relocate the tallest building to the corner of Wellesley Road and Lansdowne Road. This will help to create a better transition in height to the lower buildings east of the site and improve wayfinding.”

This also shows the developer wants to create a new 1,500 square metres of office space and contribute towards a new pedestrian crossing across Wellesley Road.