Calls for a temporary crossing near East Croydon Station have been made after locals are forced to “play chicken” with oncoming cars.

A petition for the change has now been signed by nearly 500 people.

The petition, to Croydon Council, asks for a crossing to be installed at the corner of Cherry Orchard Road, and Billinton Hill Road.

Your Local Guardian: The Menta development on Cherry Orchard Road (photo: Tara O'Connor)The Menta development on Cherry Orchard Road (photo: Tara O'Connor)

It said a temporary one is needed until a new permanent one is provided once flats, currently under construction, are completed.

There was previously a traffic light crossing at the point which was removed for building work to take place.

Menta is behind the £350million Morello development of nearly 800 flats near East Croydon Station.

The second phase, currently under construction is for 456 flats across three buildings.

Councillor for Addiscombe West, Sean Fitzsimons, backs the petition. He said: “It is dangerous to cross there, particularly for people coming from the station side.

"Drivers can’t see people stepping out onto the road because of the hoardings.

“Even if they can’t get a crossing maybe they should have a crossing patrol to allow people to cross safely.

"There was a crossing there because thousands of people come to and from the station.

"I use it every day myself to go to the station. It is clearly needed, particularly in the morning and evening.”

The petition was started earlier this month and at the time of writing had been signed by 480 people.

It claims that at least one person has been injured crossing the road, but Cllr Fitzsimons said he had not heard of this incident.

The petition reads: “The lack of crossing … has meant that the hundreds of commuters crossing the road in this location face playing chicken with oncoming cars, and at least one person has already been hit.”

A spokesperson for Croydon Council said: “A new permanent crossing is set to be installed as part of this development.

"We are however aware that local residents are keen for a temporary solution in the meantime, and we will raise this issue with the developers.”

The developers, Menta, was contacted for comment.