Former students of a Croydon teacher killed in a horrific hammer attack have paid tribute to the "beautiful" woman.

Florina Pastina, 36, was killed by Romanian Lucian Stinci, 34, a man she lived with in a shared house in Alpha Road, Croydon.

The night before the killing, Stinci spent six hours drinking cider, taking six grams of cocaine and a Viagra-like drug as he watched sadomasochistic videos of women being tortured, raped, restrained and killed.

On the morning of July 19 last year, stilled "fired up" by the drugs and extreme porn, Stinci texted a colleague to say he had something to do before work.

Armed with a hammer from his bedroom, he hit Ms Pastina from behind as she made coffee in the kitchen.

On March 6, Stinci was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years.

Now a series of drawings by Ms Pastina's former primary school students have paid tribute to the woman one child called "the best teacher" they ever had.

"I love Miss Pastina," the student wrote.

"She was a good teacher to all of us.

"We love Miss Pastina, she was the best teacher in the school.

"She was a lovely teacher and it was so nice to have her, I miss her."

Another students shared a fond memory of the loving teacher.

"I remember when it was her birthday and we gave her a big hug.

"I also remember when she gave us a Christmas present.

"When it was my birthday she kissed me on the cheek. I wish she hadn't died."