A hotel supervisor has admitted murdering a primary school teacher with a hammer while high on cocaine after watching extreme porn.

Lucian Stinci, 34, was infatuated with his housemate Florina Pastina, 36. After attacking her with a hammer on July 19 last year, he assaulted her 25-year-old nephew Nicholas Hellen and his twin sister Claudia Pastina, both who he also lived with.

At the Old Bailey today (March 2) Stinci admitted murdering Florina, assault causing actual bodily harm to Claudia, and unlawfully wounding Mr Hellen.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine.

Stinci, who came to the UK from his native Romania ten years ago, denied an alternative count of the attempted murder of Mr Hellen.

Stinci was obsessed with Florina, had tried asking her out and bought her presents, and told friends he loved her.

After her death, police found Valentine's Day and birthday cards from him in her room.

But he had a darker side and Stinci, who was working as a supervisor for Mayday Hotels in Croydon, was a heavy drinker with an interest in sado-masochism.

The night before he killed her, Stinci had accessed extreme porn websites for over six hours, involving sado-masochistic videos showing women being tortured, raped, restrained and killed.

Shortly before 7am on July 19, a neighbour heard a man furiously shouting at a woman who was whimpering and pleading.

Mr Hellen was woken by loud sounds from the kitchen, came out of his bedroom and saw Stinci, who was breathless and sweaty, walking from the kitchen.

Stinci said there was something wrong with Florina, and as Mr Hellen walked past him he felt a blow to the back of his head, and they started to struggle.

Claudia came downstairs and tried to intervene but Stinci pushed her against a chair, and pushed the pointed end of the hammer into her stomach.

They managed to grab the hammer and throw it out of the door, and Claudia grabbed a wine bottle and smashed it over Stinci’s head.

The siblings, who like Florina were also from Romania, ran out of the door screaming for police, and Stinci came outside, picked up the hammer and returned to throw it in the back garden, before walking back outside.

Emergency services were called at 7.22am, and when they arrived they found Florina lying on her back in the kitchen fully clothed.

Although she was not responsive she was moving her arms, her breathing was laboured, and she had a catastrophic injury to the left side of her head.

She was taken to King’s College Hospital and transferred to the Critical Care Unit, but life support was withdrawn at 8pm the next day, and she died at 1.15am on July 21.

A post mortem found 18 lacerations to the head, with extensive haemorrhage on the undersurface of the scalp, and a pathologist concluded the injuries were from a blunt force trauma.

Mr Hellen had a three centimetre cut to the side of his head which required three stitches, and Claudia had a bruise to her arm.

Stinci was arrested at the scene, and a toxicologist analysed blood samples and found he had taken a substantial amount of cocaine and a drug used in viagra.

Judge Richard Marks QC, the Common Serjeant of London, adjourned sentencing to a later date.