A Croydon woman has been named Britain's midwife of the year.

Memuna Sowe joined the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust’s Rainbow Health Centre in 2015 and ever since then has been helping underrepresented women throughout their pregnancy, giving their children and families the best start in life.

When Ms Sowe was announced as the winner at the British Journal Of Midwifery Practice Awards, she was blown away.

“I’m proud of this award and want to dedicate it to our fantastic team in maternity and homeless health," she said.

"They work across many disciplines and have taught me so much about providing great care.”

“The vulnerable women we see are often very late in their pregnancy and, without our care, they and their child would be at great risk.

"We are very grateful to have the skills and resources to help them, so that they get the same maternity care as other mothers and their chances of a good future are improved.”

This isn't the first time Ms Sowe has been recognised for going above and beyond her duties either.

In 2016 she was named Croydon’s midwife of the year by the local trust.

From providing families with basic necessities, such as nappies and clothes for their baby, to simply being a person to talk to, Ms Sowe has certainly made an impression on everyone she meets, not least so the director of midwifery at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, Ann Morling.

“We are overjoyed that Memuna has won," Ms Morling said.

"She and her team meet every challenge with skill and compassion.

“I hope she inspires other talented men and women to consider a career in maternity and to see how diverse and rewarding it can be.”