0800 numbers are long established and trusted. It is widely known that they are free to call, not only from landlines but as of July 1, 2015, they are also free to call from mobiles too.

Purchasing a 0800 number will provide many great benefits to your business.

Free To Call

As 0800 numbers are free to call, potential customers are much more likely to call your business, which will lead to a higher call volume and increased leads and sales.

Surveys have shown that well over 90% of UK customers are aware that it is absolutely free to call 0800 numbers.

Whatever industry you operate in, if someone has the choice of calling a number that charges versus a freephone number, they will usually call the freephone. And since Ofcom also made it free to call 0800 numbers from mobiles since July 1, 2015, customers will be even more likely to call your business.

More Credibility

0800 numbers are well established and are used by most large companies. Getting one of these numbers for your own business will help you compete against these companies, and will give you an edge over other SMEs who do not have a 0800 number for their business.

Getting one of these numbers will project more of a professional image to your customers, and they will be more inclined to trust your company, which also means they will be more likely to make card payments over the phone.

No Need To Change Your Number

0800 numbers are non-geographic, and so as well as providing the benefit of making your company appear larger and more established, even if it is a small start-up, it is also a great benefit if you relocate, or are based in more than one location. 0800 numbers replace local dialing codes, so your company’s location does not need to be advertised, which is great if you are trying to promote a national presence.

0800 numbers are used up and down the country. Help customers keep in touch with you by ensuring you never have to change your business number again.

In the past, big companies could afford the costs associated with long distance and international phone calls, while smaller businesses would struggle to pay the bills.

0800 Numbers Are Memorable

Unlike mobile phone numbers and most local landline numbers, 0800 numbers are very memorable.

When you have a telephone number that is easy to remember, you will have an increased call volume, which in turn should lead to more sales for your business.

Call Redirection

Calls to 0800 numbers can be internally re-routed, which means that customers can be transferred to other departments very quickly and easily.

Customers only have to remember one number. This is excellent for helping to provide good service to your customers.

So to sum up, there are many benefits to getting a 0800 number for your business. You will certainly receive more calls when you have one of these numbers because firstly they are completely free to call from either a landline or a mobile.

And secondly, these numbers are very well established and trusted by UK customers. This means your customers will have more confidence in your company and will be more likely to purchase your products/services.

The numbers are non-geographic, which is great if your company is trying to promote a national presence, or if your business relocates. Calls to 0800 numbers can be easily redirected so your customers only need to remember one number, and as 0800 numbers are easy to remember, this will be something your customers will certainly appreciate.

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