A freephone 0800 number allows your customers to call you on a number that will add nothing to their phone bill.

Since late 2015, 0800 numbers became free to call from mobiles as well as landlines.

If a business provides a freephone number it may not cost the customer, but it will cost the business.

The additional cost to your phone bill however may be substantially less in comparison to the increase in revenue you may generate thanks to your use of an 0800 number.

If you are thinking of availing of a freephone number what will the benefits to your business be?

The benefits:

Increase your calls

Companies who change to an 0800 increase their call total by up to 175%. That means your business will have a substantial increase in opportunities to drum up new business.

One telephone number

If you are a business with a variety of different regional numbers, or a variety of landline and mobile numbers, changing to an 0800 number will allow your business to incorporate all of your numbers into one. Any promotional campaign will only require one number, saving you substantially in advertising.

Becoming an international rather than a regional business

If you have been using a regional phone number, often a potential customer looking for the service you provide will think that you only provide whatever service you are selling to the region within which your number is located. An 0800 number makes your business look like more of an national, and even international, enterprise. This in turn will increase your customer base substantially.

Call redirection

Calls to 0800 numbers can be redirected to any of your old numbers, whether they are landlines or mobile numbers. This means there is no need for your business to lose any customers who are used to the old number, and you will not have to fork out any additional cost to your business by setting up a new phone system.

Relocation or change of mobile number

If you change location, and therefore your regional phone number, or if your mobile number changes, you will be able to change your redirection settings on your 0800 number to incorporate any new number you may have. This means you will not lose custom, or have to spend a fortune to change your promotional merchandise or advertising streams, every time you have to change your number. Your 0800 number can remain consistently the same.

Company reputation

The results of a survey researching the impact of the use of freephone numbers showed that 68% of people feel that a company cares for their customers if they provide a freephone number. You are more likely to obtain a person's custom if they feel that you are going to look after them.

Easier to remember

0800 numbers tend to be easier for potential customers to remember, meaning they will be far more likely to give you a call. After you have decided that an 0800 would suit your business, you will be able to choose from 1,000s of 0800 numbers not currently in use and find the one you feel will best suit your business. Your new number will also be easier for potential customers to remember.

Instant and non-stop service

With an 0800 number you have the option of offering your customers additional services, such as providing responses to frequently asked questions or offering an voicemail service while your operators are not available.

What will it cost your business?

It is possible to access extremely competitive packages when you purchase an 0800 number, including a monthly charge offering free minute options. In the long-run, once you pick a package that suits the requirements of your business, the increase in calls you receive, and the custom this generates, will potentially substantially outweigh the additional cost to your business in terms of your monthly phone bill.

If you feel a freephone 0800 number would benefit your business, get searching for the best package for your needs today.

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