Kingston actress Jenna Harrison has talked about her latest role in a gritty retelling of the 2011 London riots, writes Hana Hausmeister.

The 29-year-old will be hitting cinema screens soon, in a Revolver Entertainment film GBH, directed by Simon Phillips.

Miss Harrison watched the riots unfold on the news last year. She said: “I am pleased to be involved in something that is about such an important matter, which is pivotal in terms of how it deals with that material.”

She was offered the role by producer Jonathan Sothcott, who worked with her on the set of a mockumentary called Just for the Record.

She said: “Filming was great. It was a lovely bunch of people, great actors. Simon Phillips, the director, was also an actor so he has that kind of perspective.”

The film centres around Damien, a cop with an ugly past, who is forced to choose between sides as the capital is thrown into upheaval. Miss Harrison said: “My character Sarah is the girlfriend from a time when things were going well for Damien.

"Everything good in his life is epitomised by her, and when they break up, that’s when things start to go wrong for him.

“The film gives a good message about the current state of things in Britain in a really hard-hitting way.

"It illustrates views from both sides of the law, how the riots affected people who worked in the force.”

She says she loves living in Kingston which was not hit by the riots: “It is great being nearer to London, but it is the only part of the city where you can feel like you are in the country.”