Mary Portas visited Surrey Street Market last week as part of plans for an independent team to take over running it.

A team fronted by the retail guru has been charged with revitalising the market and the surrounding area as part of a national project.

Croydon’s Portas Town Team have had discussions with two market management companies, Bray Associates and Wellington Market Company, about taking on Surrey Street Market from Croydon Council.

The team is meeting with Council department heads on Friday, September 28, when it hopes to get approval to take discussions further.

Kez Hassan, Chairman of the Portas Town Team and the Croydon Old Town Business Association, said it is important that the market is given a new lease of life.

"The council have tried to run the market themselves and unfortunately it hasn’t proved successful.

"The aim is to bring someone in to take that headache away from the Council.

"We want to make it something for the town to be proud of. We need to sit down with the council now and thrash out a contract to give to these specialist companies.

A council spokesman said they are doing all they can to help the team bring in a private management company.

Anyone interested in the project can email .