A 91-year-old was tricked out of hundreds of pounds by a fraudster who turned up at his front door pretending to be his bank manager.

The resident, of Queenswood Avenue, Wallington, was visited at about mid-morning on Friday, August 17.

The caller, who was wearing a suit, said he was from his bank, although he did not show any ID, and was visiting because there had been a problem with the bank’s computers.

He was invited inside and given the resident’s bank card and PIN number before leaving.

It was only the following day that the resident realised he had £300 taken from his account on Friday - and the same amount again on Saturday - when he received a call from Santander after the bank had become suspicious of the unusual activity on his account.

The caller is described as a black man, aged in his 50s, with a "robust" build. He was dressed in a dark suit and did not have a lot of hair.

Staff at Santander have told police that the customer will have all the money refunded.

PC Duncan Harris, of Sutton’s crime prevention team, said residents should not allow inside any unknown or unexpected callers however plausible or persuasive they may seem.

He said: "Residents should be very wary of anyone turning up on their doorstep saying they are from a bank. If a bank wanted to see you they would make an appointment."

For crime prevention advice, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

You can get their number by dialling Sutton police station on 101, or your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team by visiting met.police.uk/sutton