With Bradley Wiggins firmly established as a sporting superstar and the races passing through the streets recently, cycling is very much the sport of the moment.

Beneficiaries of this new found interest in two-wheeled transportation appear to be the borough’s bike stores and hire centres.

Tyrone Marlow, manager of Blazing Saddles Bike Hire, in Richmond Park, has seen a noticeable increase in people hiring bikes from the store in the past two to three weeks.

He said: “The thing I have really noticed is we have had a lot of increase because of people from abroad hiring bikes for a week or two weeks.

“I do believe this is due to more people coming across for the Olympics.”

Ben Chapman, the manager of Moore’s Cycles, in London Road, Twickenham, agreed the recent interest in the sport had been beneficial.

He said: “The workshop has definitely seen an increase.

“I’d say this is mainly associated with the Olympics but also the Tour De France as well.”

With Wiggins reigning supreme both on the Champs Elysees and in the Olympic time trial, the profile of his sport has arguably never been higher.

However, not all businesses felt the benefits from London’s hosting of the games.

Matt Hilsden, who works at Giant Bicycles, in Heath Road, said any upsurge in business was more likely to do with the good weather that coincided with the games.

He said: “It’s difficult to say whether it’s to do with the Olympics. There’s always an increase in business when the sun comes out.”