Cheam’s Olympic golden girl Joanna Rowsell paid a visit to her painted post box in Cheam village.

The golden post box sits in Ewell Road, not far from Nonsuch High School for Girls where Rowsell was discovered by cycling scouts.

The gleaming post box, painted by the Royal Mail, celebrates Rowsell’s victory in the women’s team pursuit final on Saturday, August 4.

After announcing her visit to the post box on Twitter onTuesday, a rush of supporters came to be photographed with the gold medallist.

The 23-year-old said: "I thought it looked really good. It was really well painted and it’s a nice big double one.

"I hope it stays gold for a while."

Since leaving the Olympic Village, Rowsell came home to a letter from the Prime Minister David Cameron, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, MP Tom Brake and the Mayor of Sutton Sean Brennan.

She said: "I went into the bakery in Cheam village and the woman in there recognised me which was nice.

"I’ve had lots of cards and flowers which were nice to come home to."

The golden post box has been very popular with residents.

Days after Rowsell’s victory the Royal Mail painted a post box in Carshalton because she was born in St Helier Hospital however this caused uproar with Cheam residents on Twitter.

This week the Royal Mail removed the gold paint and a Royal Mail spokesman, Nick Martens, said: "A post box in Carshalton was originally painted gold to celebrate Joanna Rowsell’s gold medal.

"Following a request from her family to paint a box in Cheam, this was done and the box in Carshalton was returned to its iconic red colour."

The new Cheam post box which, painted on Thursday, August 9, marks the place where Miss Rowsell lives and grew up in.

The post box in Cheam is expected to remain gold for the rest of this year.