A community mural was created over the weekend in a burnt-out fancy dress shop, a year after it was torched by looters.

Hundreds of people gathered to add their own brush strokes to the mural painted outside the gutted Party Superstore, in Lavender Hill, Battersea.

The mural was created by art director Roopa Basu, who was commissioned to design it by Wandsworth Council to mark the anniversary of the riots.

It has taken since February to plan and depicts a lavender hill representing the area, while poppies symbolise remembrance and sunflowers for hope.

A bright rainbow stretches across the whole of the mural, with a line of birds to represent the busyness of Clapham Junction station.

Ms Basu and her creative team made the basic frame of the piece, while members of the public were invited to fill in the shapes.

The project also raised money for Street Kids Rescue, a charity ran by Party Superstore owner Duncan Mundell which helps orphans in South East Asia.

Ms Basu said: "It went fantastically. There were two-year-old kids, the brush was as big as them, and 70-year-old people.

"It was so uplifting and heartening. Cops painted as well, they were rounding up volunteers.

"The only riots we had were two two-year-olds who wouldn't let their mum's hold the brush for the painting."

Since being commissioned for the mural Ms Basu has set up I Art This in a bid to create more community art projects.

Visit iartthis.com for more information