A coroner blasted suicide websites as "evil" after a mother killed herself by overdosing and putting a plastic bag over her head.

Claire Brown, 37, of Windmill Road, Wandsworth, was discovered lying dead by her husband with an iPad on her lap on June 6 this year.

Westminster Coroner's Court heard the mum-of-two suffered from a long history of depression dating back to childhood.

She miscarried twice in the past - once with twins - and suffered depression while pregnant again, the court heard.

Mrs Brown was taking anti depressants with her dosage recently being reduced, having complained of allergic reactions to the medication.

The court heard husband Stephen Brown went to the cinema on the evening of June 5, while the couple's daughters stayed at their grandmother's house.

When he returned home he found Mrs Brown was asleep, so he decided to sleep on the sofa because she was having problems sleeping.

The next day he got up for work at 7am and went into the bedroom to get cuff links, finding his wife lying still on the bed.

At first he thought she was asleep, but on closer inspection he found she had a plastic bag over her head and was cold to touch.

In a statement read out in court Mr Brown said: "I noticed Claire was on the bed. She was still and I thought she was asleep.

"I looked at Claire, she was on the bed and there was a plastic bag over her head. I could feel Claire was cold."

Police and an ambulance were called, with officers finding she was using suicide websites when they opened the iPad.

During the inquest, doctors reports said she appeared to be more settled and happier at an appointment on May 23, with the decision made to continue reducing her medication.

But her husband who accompanied her said he believed his wife was upset and agitated.

A post mortem examination found she overdosed on painkillers which largely contributed to her death, as well as possible suffocation from the plastic bag.

Coroner Martin Flemming recorded she took her own life while suffering from severe depression.

He said: "There is overwhelming evidence to suggest in doing this act she intended a death. She very very much wanted to get well for the sake of her family.

"The evidence shows she was visiting a suicide website, in that respect I have noted in here she had access to one of these evil websites. They are a curse on society."